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I’m excited to share the Flowbite Jekyll Starter Template, a powerful tool for quickly creating modern, responsive websites with Jekyll, Flowbite, and Tailwind CSS. It’s designed to help you validate product ideas, gather user feedback, and create SEO content to drive traffic and generate leads.

Why Flowbite Jekyll Starter Template?

Building a website from scratch can be time-consuming and overwhelming. This starter template includes a pre-designed home page, blog page, and individual blog posts, so you can focus on your product development and content creation.

Key features:

  1. Responsive design with Flowbite and Tailwind CSS
  2. Home page, blog page, and individual blog posts
  3. Jekyll Authors integration for managing author information
  4. Ideal for validating products and creating SEO content

Getting Started

Clone the repository:

git clone

Change into the project directory:

cd flowbite_jekyll

Install dependencies:

bundle install

Build and serve the website:

bundle exec jekyll serve

Open your browser and navigate to http://localhost:4000.


  1. Customize the home page by editing index.html
  2. Add or modify blog posts in the _posts folder
  3. Edit author information in the authors.yml file in the _data folder
  4. Change the website’s appearance or add custom CSS in the assets/css/main.css file

Start building your modern, responsive website today with the Flowbite Jekyll Starter Template. Save time and effort, and focus on what matters most—your product and content. Let me know what you think, and happy hacking! 🚀

Flowbite Jekyll Starter Template Repository: