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  • Moral Hazard Wikipedia
  • Principal–agent problem Wikipedia
  • The Paradox of Value Wikipedia
    • Why is a diamond much more valuable than a glass of water?

      Price is determined by a good’s marginal utility. The marginal utility of a good is derived from its most important use to a person. So, if someone possesses a good, they will use it to satisfy some need or want, starting with the one that takes highest priority. Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk illustrated this with the example of a farmer having five sacks of grain.[7]

  • Does immigration import inequality? Economist (Paywall)

    Stripping (immigrants) out leaves the income share of Britain’s top 1% similar to those in Italy, France and Sweden.

    Income distribution of migrants in the UK

  • Change in per Capita CO2 emissions and GDP Our World in Data

    Contrary to common knowledge, de-growth is not necessary to solve climate change. A number of countries – such as the USA, UK, France, Spain, Italy, and many others – have managed to reduce emissions (even when we correct for trade) whilst increasing GDP.